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IMG_8182.JPGPromise Bradley loves Jesus, loves His Bride (the global Church), and loves the lost sons and daughters of God. 

She is the director of BeLoved Illinois and is an artist and cake designer/business owner in Illinois where she lives with her husband, Blake.  They attend one of the best churches in the world, Crossroads Bible Church. They have two grown children, Jessica and Cody, who God gave them the great privilege to adopt as preteens and raise.  And after 12 years of praying, they’ve recently been blessed with a sweet baby girl named, Vivian Grace.  Promise is the author of the blog, Crushing Paper Tigers, which deals primarily with empowering women, overcoming fears, and stepping out into what God is calling you to do.

 After a few years of teaching in the public school system, Promise felt God calling her to do something radical: quit her job as a teacher so that she could pursue a seven-year dream to reach and serve people affected by human trafficking and the adult entertainment industry.

She became the director of BeLoved Illinois in 2013.  BeLoved Illinois a non-profit organization that currently serves the southern region of Illinois.  BeLoved Illinois has two goals of equal importance.  First, to raise awareness of human trafficking as it exists in the state of Illinois to individuals, service-providers, law-enforcement, and faith-based communities.  BeLoved seeks to equip and inspire these agencies to develop collaborative, compassionate solutions to trafficking in terms of prevention, intervention, and aftercare for survivors and those at risk.  Second, BeLoved reaches out to and serves women affected by the adult entertainment industry in Illinois.  BeLoved outreach teams form genuine and lasting supportive relationships with women in or leaving the adult entertainment industry, encourage and support them, and connect them with local services and supportive faith-based communities.   

Promise is passionate about empowering women and showing God’s unconditional, perfect love as a father to all people. She is specifically dedicated to taking the good news of this love directly to unreached people.  She loves sharing with others about the following subjects: the love of the Father, overcoming fear, stepping into your calling, reaching the lost, relational evangelism, serving people in the sex industry, human trafficking awareness, the heart of God toward unreached people, the Spirit of Adoption, empowering women, etc.

If you are interested in booking Promise to speak to your church, agency, or other organization, please contact her at or find out more at 

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