How To Crush A Tiger

A paper tiger is anything which appears threatening, but doesn’t hold up when challenged.  Fears are paper tigers which crumble in the face of courage.  Courage is simply choosing to act in the face of fear.   And choosing to act in the face of fear is an example of perfect love.


What am I talking about?  I’m talking about Jesus, terrified of what he knew he was about to face, crying in the garden; the fear and anguish so intense that he was sweating blood.  He begged his father to make another way, a way which didn’t involve the torment he was about to endure.  This was genuine fear felt by the darling of Heaven.  He feared the physical pain of his body being beaten and pierced.  He feared the mental and emotional agony of his friends and family abandoning him in his hour of need.  He feared the anguish of experiencing his father turning his face away.  He feared the prospect that once he died, resurrection was out of his own power.

But there is no fear in love, because perfect love casts out fear.  How then did Christ crush the tiger who growled and snarled at him from the shadows of the garden?  He thought of you.  He thought of how much he loves you.  He soberly remembered that unless he faced the cross with courage you would have no hope.  You are his courage.  Because of you, he chose to act despite the fear.  Because of you, he decided, “Not my will.”Amelia-Earhart-Monday-Morning-Inspiration-Quote

That’s the secret.  That’s all it takes to conquer your fears.  Action. And…love.

This blog is all about overcoming fears and stepping into what God is calling you to do.  Within, you will find accounts of people who love fearlessly, reviews of books about courage, encouraging teachings from the Bible, and my own personal stories of facing my fears.   It’s my hope that through this blog, I will meet fearless people who are stepping into their callings and together we can foster a community of courage.


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